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The Ultimate SportsTickets Tailgate

What is the Ultimate Tailgate Party?

So you got your tickets to the game from SportsTickets and now you can just sit back and relax until game time right? No way!!! Now you need to start planning your tailgate party and luckily for you SportsTickets has got you covered. So were do you begin? Right here with the four W's:


Who you invite to your tailgate can be a make or break for any party. You definitely want your friends to be there, but more importantly you want you friends who are as big a fan as you. When you are out there tailgating, you will be competing with countless other tailgaters who want to look like a bigger fan than you. This is why the Who of your tailgate is so important. Make sure you have Uber Fans at your tailgate and nothing less. Also remember that the people you invite to your tailgate don’t actually have to be going to the game. You need someone to hold down the fort while the game is going on so the party can continue long after the final whistle. This should help open the door to who will attend your tailgate. Get the biggest fans, get them to your tailgate and show everyone why your tailgate is the one to be at. This will put you in a perfect spot to become the central hub for all the tailgates. There is no better place to be that at the head of the best tailgate both before and after the game with the best fans there.


It is the prominent saying for people in real estate and it couldn’t be truer for any good tailgate. Location. Location. Location. Even if you have the best fans at your tailgate it means nothing if nobody knows where you are at! This part of the process may take a little bit of ground work as you need to scope out locations around the stadium / arena that allow tailgating before the game. Once you find the primo spot, be prepared to fight to claim it. No one ever said throwing the ultimate tailgate wasn’t going to take a little work, and for this you need to get up EARLY. Get out of bed on game day and head to your tailgate spot as early as is allowed. Sure, you may be 12-14 hours early for the game, but you have all that time to kick back, relax and take comfort in the fact that you have the spot the other tailgaters only dreamed of.

You want to be close to the stadium and highly visible to the foot traffic going to and from the game. This way everyone knows who the biggest fans are and where they assemble before game time. Once you have your prominent spot, you need to be ready to back it up. That leads us to our next W.


What your tailgate is all about will decide how successful your entire day is. If you get the location and the fans, but have nothing for them to eat, drink or do, then you’re bound to go down in horrible flame of tailgate failure. The what doesn’t have to be challenging though and can be planned days before you head out for your tailgate.

The most important what comes down to food and beverage. You need something to drink of course, and we would most likely recommend you have an ample supply of adult beverages. That is the easy part though. Drinks you just buy and keep cold. It is the hot stuff that will make your tailgate mediocre or legendary.

Plan your menu before hand and be prepared to cook at the tailgate. Only amateurs bring their food already prepared. Now you need to decide if you are going to go old fashioned grill or possible kick it up a notch or two with some old fashioned outdoor cooking. You can never really go wrong with a menu of burgers, brats, dogs and chicken, but some might consider that a little to boring. You might want to consider cooking a flaming hot chili or making some award winning ribs. Anything that requires a slathering of BBQ sauce is also always a great choice. The aromas you send out from your tailgate will also help to attract for people, so the Who and What come together nicely at this point.

Whatever you decide to cook, make sure you have a lot of it. Any good tailgate will attract "free agent" fans, and a nice helping of some delicious food will win them over to your team in no time. Just as important, and often overlooked, DON’T FORGET THE CONDIMENTS!!! No one wants a burger with no ketchup or mayo, so don’t be the guy that forgot those all important pieces to your meal.


This one may be a little bit out of your control, but a win by your team is the ultimate cap to any successful tailgate. You don't want to walk back to your setup with your heads down, and when your team wins you can continue the party as soon as you get back to your spot.

So there you have it. Now that you have your tickets, get started planning your tailgate. Turn a few hours at the game into a days worth of memories with your and several thousand of your closest friends. Fan Picks:
blue arrow   Indianapolis Colts 1009
blue arrow   Arizona Cardinals 307
blue arrow   Dallas Cowboys 271
blue arrow   Tennessee Titans 156
blue arrow   Kansas City Chiefs 134

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