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Are you a SportsTickets Uber Fan?

To be considered a SportsTickets Uber Fan is no small feat. In fact, not too many fans out there can claim to have all the characteristics of an Uber Fan. We have gone ahead and compiled the list of traits that it takes to become an Uber Fan below. See how many you can check off. If you can check off five of the below points, then consider yourself a SportsTickets Uber Fan. If you are indeed and Uber Fan, then get off of this page and go find tickets to your team's next game!

You know who you are. But just in case you don’t, let us remind you what it takes to be a Sports Uber Fan.

  • You own body paint in the colors of your favorite team
  • Your friends and family know not to call, email, text or even talk to you during game time
  • Your dog is named after a linebacker
  • Your girlfriend / wife wears a jersey during the game and can't tell you whose name is on the back
  • Your Sunday diet consists of chips, chicken wings, beer and some sort of dip
  • You own several baseball bats and a football helmet, but never actually use them
  • You use the term "we" when talking about your team
  • You show up seven hours early when you have tickets to the game
  • You know the names of every member of your team's coaching staff
  • You have already taken out a home equity lone for tickets just in case your team makes the playoffs
  • You wear the same pair of socks for the entire season
  • You have called in sick to work on days after you team has lost on more than one occasion
  • You yell at your TV throughout the entire game with the full knowledge that the players and coaches can not hear you
  • You used the down payment money for your first house on season tickets

There you have it. If you checked off at least five of the Uber Fan characteristics, Congratulations! You are definitely a SportsTickets Uber Fan. Now go find tickets the next game and show the world how big of a fan you really are.
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blue arrow   Indianapolis Colts 1009
blue arrow   Arizona Cardinals 307
blue arrow   Dallas Cowboys 271
blue arrow   Tennessee Titans 156
blue arrow   Kansas City Chiefs 134

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